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Van Werven specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer hard plastics. Those are collected from construction waste, industrial waste and municipal recycling centres. Every year we process 150 million kilos of post-consumer rigid plastic materials. That is enough to fill a giant football stadium! Our suppliers allow us to save around 375,000 tonnes of CO2. Virtually 100% of the plastic waste is recycled in a closed loop.

We have to keep structurally reducing our dependency on primary raw materials by bringing recycling processes to the next level. It is our mission to close the chain by making recycled plastics that can serve as a substitute for primary raw materials. Creating high-quality secondary raw materials is the only way to work towards a circular, non-subsidy-driven supply chain for raw materials, sustainable enterprise in its ultimate form.

Van Werven often plays a pioneering and initiating role in shaping the plastic recycling industry. Based on our mission, we try to give meaning to the market. For example, we are an active supporter of various initiatives that encourage waste recycling and the creation of raw materials through legislation and partnerships.

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PP BLACK: polypropylene, postconsumer rigid

PP BLACK: polypropylene, postconsumer rigid

ORIGIN Post-consumer rigid plastics PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Blend of different sorts of PP • Contains 10 – 25% PE (on average 12% in the last year, measured with DSC analysis) • MFI 10—25 (2,16 kg, 230 °C) • Dimension: 0—14 mm • Residual humidity:

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