My Easyfairs

How does it work?

As a participant you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration for the exhibition, with all the information you need to make optimal use of My Easyfairs. Visitors to the website can get to know your company at a glance via the list of participants. They click on your company name and find your company data, products and news. You manage this information and data yourself via My Easyfairs. Visitors can read information that you post about your latest innovations and products on the exhibition website. It is therefore up to you how much information you share with website visitors.

My Easyfairs manual

When you log in to My Easyfairs as an exhibitor you will see a timeline made up of various steps. When you complete all these steps and fill them in full, you will get the most return from your participation and My Easyfairs. For each step an extensive manual has been prepared for you which you can view via the buttons below.

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