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In the process of waste processing, the risk of scalding and fire is considerable. Kooi offers the RED (Rising Early Detection) especially for this purpose. The RED has a rotating thermometric camera that constantly records the temperature in your waste storage. If the temperature exceeds the set value, an alarm is immediately sent to our own Kooi Alarm Center.

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RED (Rising Early Detection)

We have our own temperature monitoring system, which bears the name RED (abbreviation for Rising Early Detection). The RED is of vital importance to companies in many industries, especially in the waste processing sector. With our advanced thermographic cameras, we continuously monitor the temperature, so that we can intervene in time in case of fire hazards. Our own alarm center takes care of the necessary follow-up. Feel free to contact us immediately if you are in need of a professional temperature monitoring system! These are the main reasons to choose for our temperature monitoring system: – High quality thermal cameras – Available in fixed or mobile setup – Detection per zone possible – Wirelessly connected to the Kooi Alarm Center – Monitor the situation yourself 24/7, if wanted

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