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Leading manufacturer of heavy duty stationary and mobile shredders, bag openers, screens and other equipment for the mechanical treatment of solid waste.

Depending on the input material and the application, we offer both slow speed pre-shredders (RAPTOR, DINOSAURUS®, TRIREX) and high speed calibrating shredders (WOODHOG). Next to stationary shredders, we can also offer mobile shredders from Mc Closkey Environmental.

Bag openers (BAGRIPPER®) open up collection bags and tangles of waste, release the contents without damage and dose the material into the downstream sorting plant.

Next to that, we build screens for the correct separation of fines (ECODISC®) or for the removal of oversized parts (SCALPEL) to avoid clogging in the subsequent separation line.

Finally, we build turnkey shredding and screening solutions completed with a total range of modular conveyor systems.




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