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CORE Changemakers is a dynamic student-driven organization dedicated to pioneering solutions within the circular economy. Founded in 2018 by three friends, CORE has grown significantly, showcasing their capability to tackle sustainability challenges through innovative projects.
At the Vakbeurs Recycling event, CORE will present four of their projects:

Fournos focuses on transforming fly ash, a by-product of incineration plants, into basalt rock. This not only reduces waste but also creates valuable construction materials, promoting sustainable building practices.

Temnos aims to prevent battery fires and nitrous oxide canister explosions by using a combination of X-ray technology (XRT) and artificial intelligence (AI). By addressing these hazards, Temnos enhances safety in waste management and recycling processes, contributing to a safer and more efficient handling of potentially dangerous materials.

Hyperios is dedicated to improving the inspection and repair of infrastructure, including buildings and rail systems, through the use of robotics and AI. This project aims to extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safety by identifying and addressing issues before they become critical.

Ikaros focuses on finding solutions to lengthen the life of solar panels through strategic reuse. By repurposing solar panels in the social housing industry, Ikaros not only extends their life but also helps reduce the cost of clean energy for low-income households. This initiative aligns with the principles of the circular economy, providing both environmental and social benefits.

You are warmly invited to visit our stand at Vakbeurs Recycling to learn more about our innovative projects. We are not only showcasing our solutions like Fournos, Temnos, Hyperios, and Ikaros but are also eager to help solve your recycling and sustainability challenges. Our team is ready to demonstrate how our student-driven initiatives can address complex issues in the circular economy. Come see firsthand how we can collaborate to create impactful change together.




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