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Solid Dutch cleaning and recycling solutions

For more than 60 years, Van Dijke Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative machines. Our company started out with solutions for the washing and sorting of products in agricultural markets. Proven very successful, through the years this expanded to other markets like scrap recycling, woodchucks and plastic recycling.

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The destoner is built up in two sections: an infeed hopper and a settling compartment. This system uses a very high water flow rate (adjustable) to achieve perfect separation of rocks, lumps and dirt, yet treating the product (like woodchips) gently. The produce will float and the rocks/lumps will go to the bottom (trough the water flow) to be discharged by the rock outfeed conveyor. The settling compartment is equipped with a smart dirt removal system, which filters the sand/soil/clay out from the water. Due to this system, the machine requires only a little fresh water to operate.

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