Refining Plant


Panizzolo Recycling’s refining plant entails the use of patented hammer mills of the RAF-M and RAF-F series, high-performance and highly productive systems that can simultaneously process steel and inert materials that cause wear, during both metal waste grinding and granulation.

Our hammer mills are patented machines, the only ones of their kind on the market, that are also capable of pulverising waste components. Processing occurs mechanically and continues with metal sorting and complete recovery of copper, aluminium and stainless steel granules. The outputs thus obtained are excellent and free of impurities.

The main waste treated by our refining plants is mixed metal fluff, WEEE fluff, car-fluff, circuit clippings, alubond and deironised copper. Fluff is waste from flotation plants or mixed metal grinding and contains a large amount of copper, aluminium, steel, glass and cement dust. Electronic circuit clippings and deironised copper from electric motor disposal require to be cleaned of inert powders before being marketed as pure products.


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