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The M&J P250 was created to give you what is by far the market’s
best pre-shredder in all parameters. You get superior performance,
incomparable uptime and an end product in a league of its own.

M&J Recycling has a long tradition of building world-class pre-shredders.
The M&J P250 is no exception. It is based on thoroughly tested technologies and, at the same time, sets the course for the next generation of
pre-shredders with its modular design that makes service and maintenance
easier and cheaper than ever. With the M&J P250, you get a highly
efficient pre-shredder that can be matched to your specific needs. And
should your waste types change in the future, our service staff can quickly
change the configuration. When we promise you unparalleled production
uptime and hefty savings on your operating budget, we really mean it.


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