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Craemer plastic pallets are manufactured exclusively from pure, high quality materials and are injection moulded in one-piece. All pallets are designed and tested for hygienic compliance and are compatible with all standard handling and conveying systems. Craemer Plastic Pallets are maintenance-free, offer excellent cleaning properties and are dimensionally stable in temperature ranges from -30 °C to +40 °C, briefly up to + 90°C. Customised printing of logos or numbering and special colours are available on request.

Craemer Plastic Pallet Portfolio:
– Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets
– Closed Deck Plastic Pallets
– Hygienic Plastic Pallets
– Plastic Pallets with RFID transponder
– Conductive Plastic Pallets
– Plastic Pallets in Industrial Size
– Plastic Pallets in Euro Size
– Plastic Half Pallets
– Bespoke Plastic Pallets
– Steel reinforced Plastic Pallets

High quality is ensured through our in-house research & development, construction, tool making and production departments.

Craemer plastic pallets are constructed for maximum functionality in use and we can react to individual requirements with custom-fit solutions.


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