Dosing and material feeding technology

Innovative dosing and conveying technology
Europress Umwelttechnik GmbH

Dosing and material feeding technology

for multi-way and bulkhead presses



For waste presses with tying, a feeding system with the help of conveyor technology has already been used for a long time, since here the fill level sensors of the presses can pass on the start-stop signals to the conveyor quite easily (volume control). The tied-up packages (bales) are thus produced nearly equal in volume.
However, in the case of bulkhead or multi-way presses, and there in particular for the compression of aluminium or metal packages, it is still very common to work with labour-intensive and energy-consuming excavator filling.

This is where Europress Umwelttechnik GmbH comes in with intelligent material feeding technology, not only to fill the presses more efficiently, but also to produce uniform and equally heavy packages. This eliminates the need for tedious sorting of packages for stacking.


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