Effenco Hybrid Electric solution


The Effenco Hybrid Electric solution is the first step towards the complete electrification of your fleet. It eliminates the need to run the engines when trucks are stationary. It can be adapted to new heavy-duty vocational trucks as well as existing fleets.

As these vehicles spend much of their running time stationary, the technology creates value by reducing engine usage hours and fuel consumption, emissions, noise pollution and related maintenance.

The system consists of 3 elements:
1. Electric motor-generator
– Restarts the engine
– No impact on vehicle handling
– Recharges the ultracapacitor

2. Ultracapacitor
– Stores energy and electrifies the vehicle

3. Electrical PTO (ePTO)
– Allows auxiliary equipment to operate when the engine is off
– Pump calibrated to meet the performance needs and duty cycles of onboard equipment

Effenco’s hybrid electric technology is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vocational trucks by 20 to 35%. It cuts the engine when vehicles are stationary while providing electrical power to vehicle equipment, cab and chassis accessories, including the air conditioning system.

The Hybrid Electric system offers multiple benefits:
1. Savings
– Lower maintenance costs
– 20 to 35% fuel consumption reduction
– 40 to 50% engine hours reduction

2. Environment
– Improved air quality
– PM and NOx reductions
– 20 to 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

3. Health and safety
– Safe operations
– Quieter operations
– Comfort and peace of mind

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