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VDL Containersystemen is the only manufacturer in the Netherlands to offer a complete range of sales systems for container handling purposes. Whether it concerns hooklifts or skiploaders, cable or chain installations, VDL offers you the best solution for your transport application in the segments waste collection & recycling, transport & logistics, construction and scrap industry, agriculture, industry and fire brigade, defence and government.
In addition, VDL also develops unique solutions based on specific customer requirements.

Everything is subject to change, especially the technology. Nevertheless, the most important characteristics that apply to all product groups of VDL sales systems are still the same as 20 years ago.
The robust and classic construction method is still the starting point.

However, the installations can be adapted with all kinds of options to the contemporary wishes of the customer. Think of modern control variants with radio, semi or fully automatic, Low Version, dynamic speed and modern (possibly fully boltable) construction techniques.
Another major plus is the far-reaching modular construction of the components while maintaining flexibility and customer service. With reliability at the forefront, a compromise has been found between a market-compliant own-weight functionality and price. Wider concepts such as the environment, sustainability and cost efficiency also characterise the socially responsible way of doing business.

In order to grow to a higher level of sustainability, measures are taken that not only yield cost savings (Lean), but at the same time reduce environmental impact. By demonstrating that the company is consciously and responsibly engaged in reducing its CO2 emissions (Green), the Lean & Green Award has been awarded.

Bevako Truck Hydraulics
Bevako Truck Hydraulics sells, installs and maintains hydraulically driven systems that are used on heavy commercial vehicles. Bevako Truck Hydraulics has an extensive and complete range of container handling systems, car loading cranes, tipper and recycling cranes. In addition, we supply client-specific loading bodies and tippers.

Bevako Truck Hydraulics chooses for quality and continuity and is official dealer of Palfinger Nederland BV and VDL Containersystemen BV. For Hammar Sideloaders we are the service partner for the Dutch market.
The long-standing cooperation with these manufacturers forms a solid basis to have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of construction, maintenance and fault analysis of the delivered systems (products).

We carry out our work in our centrally located workshop in Delfgauw, in the heart of the Randstad. For more information you can reach us via www.bevako.nl , info@bevako.nl or via 015-3640518.

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