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In the bulk handling, waste recycling and production industries a wide variety of raw materials and waste are processed and transported every day. As each plant requires a different approach N.M. Heilig B.V. offers tailored solutions. We design, engineer, manufacture and install turnkey solutions to optimise recyclable waste streams. In addition we offer technical support and maintenance services to ensure the installation keeps on running to full satisfaction.

We know that every project requires a different approach. Thanks to our expertise and years of experience in various industries we are able to challenge ourselves to offer the most effective solution, time after time. We aim for high capacity installations with a high throughput and recovery rate. Precise dosing and feeding requires detailed engineering skills. That’s why N.M. Heilig offers it all: from concept to installation.

Turning waste into energy and new products is what the recycling industry (MRF) is all about. Recycling goals are extremely important and will become more significant in the coming years. As an engineer and manufacturer of recycling installations N.M. Heilig develops various techniques to recover energy and valuable materials from waste streams ensuring you achieve your recycling targets.

Waste management is serious business. We deliver installations that pre-sort, sort, separate, clean and dry the materials from a waste stream. The world runs 24/7, so we know how important it is to ensure continuous operation, requiring a minimum time for maintenance services, and preferably no downtime at all. N.M. Heilig listens to her customers and implements the customers’ requirements into the solution. Our complete turnkey installations include among others: conveyors, screens, dosing bunkers, silos, hoppers, crushers, separators, optical sorting (NIR), classifiers and air separators.

We also supply single, stationary and mobile machines for dry bulk material handling and waste processing systems for your bulk terminal or recycling facility.

N.M. Heilig is your one-stop-shop for recycling and bulk material handling systems. We are proud of our figures and facts:
– Over 98% continuous operation, so hardly any downtime for maintenance.
– 90%-99% of recovery and purity rates in plastic recycling thanks to optical sorting (NIR).
– Over 6000 ton/hour capacities (depending on bulk handling conveyance, materials, and density).
– Exact conveying capacity measurements up to +/- 0,5%.

We pursue these numbers for every unit and every installation. Not only for high-capacity and complex systems, but also for our standard applications demonstrating a strong and efficient solution.

Feel free to contact N.M. Heilig directly + 31 (0)72 571 66 88 for more information or visit our website www.heiligbv.com.

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