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G.M. Damsteegt BV

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G.M. Damsteegt BV has grown into a major player when it comes to equipment rental. We rent out more than 400 machines for earthmoving, recycling and suction technology. Everything with service personnel. The following applies to the recycling department; If you have a question about your waste product, we can advise you on how to recycle or reduce it, so that the product can be properly disposed of. We rent equipment for construction and demolition waste, but also for green recycling, biomass or industrial plastic. By connecting all kinds of material, for example a shovel to scoop everything into a sieve and a crane to load the sieved product back into a tipper, a large system can be made, a complete rental line! Telestack conveyor belts are often used to get the product from the recycling machine to the right location.

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