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Since 1977, Europress has been helping companies and organizations to move towards circular economy. Europress’ sustainable products and services help the customers in making their waste management more efficient and protecting the environment by safely collecting the waste where it is produced and by increasing the recycling rates.
As a technical forerunner, we offer IOT solutions and digital services for waste management. We have developed a system that brings SMART features to the machines in order to streamline waste management.

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Wouldn’t it be great to only focus on your core business and to serve your customers even better? Typically, organizations operate reactively and waste a lot of time due to lack of information. Change towards proactivity is the key to stressless operations. Europress SMART is a system of digital services providing tools for effective fleet management of waste balers and compactors. The system consists of advanced components and processes that integrate the SMART devices into an intelligent network. By connecting, collecting and analyzing data you get insights on your assets. Learning from these insights contributes to business intelligent decisions. Europress SMART Fleet Management system is available in three distinctive subscription tiers: SMART Intro, SMART Insights and SMART Integrated.

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