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Eurol has been the biggest independent lubricant manufacturer from The Netherlands for over 40 years. We have grown based on our strive for quality, and our products are now available in over 80 countries.

Full service
In keeping with our full-service approach, we provide a complete product portfolio of lubricants, additives, cleaning and maintenance products and technical fluids. We produce and supply approved and OEM-specified lubricants. We offer products for a wide range of segments, including the automotive, transport, bicycle and motorcycle markets, agriculture, earth-moving equipment, industry, and maritime transport.

Quality is in our nature
Our products have been approved by leading motor vehicle manufacturers. But we do more. We have our own ‘Eurol House of Excellence’ quality programme. Moreover, Eurol products are widely used and tested in the professional motorsport circuit, including the Dakar Rally. Our ‘Quality is in our nature’ promise is deeply ingrained in every Eurol employee: we have a passionate dedication to ensuring vehicles and machines are perfectly lubricated under all conditions.

Lubricants in waste management and recycling
In waste management and recycling an important part of the production process is the size reduction of waste material, such as concrete blocks, rubber tires, wood and car wracks by breakers or shredder’s. The waste material is transported to the breaker or shredder by a conveyor belt. Other conveyor belts transport the broken down waste parts from the shredder to a container or truck. The forces and shock loads in the bearings or gearboxes of a recycling machine are enormous. Using the right lubrication greases and oils are the key in preventing breakdown of bearings and gears.

Therefore Eurol has developed a range of synthetic Specialty lubricants containing Eurol SYNGIS Technology to prevent production loss and high maintenance costs.

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