Tender Manager


Milgro is growing fast. Existing partners and customers as well as new partners and customers are experiencing growth, extension or a (starting) collaboration. Tenders are regularly put out in the market in these processes. As a Tender Manager, you are fully responsible for this tender process within Milgro and you lead the tender teams.

You are well aware of the current tenders and you work closely with business developers, technical colleagues from various departments and the management. Together with them, you are responsible for the timely and adequate follow-up of tenders that are relevant to Milgro. With your sense of identifying stakeholders and sensing buying reasons, you are also able to bring these tenders to a positive conclusion.

As a Tender Manager you would like to win complex and large projects. You are aware of what is going on in the market and you are responsible for writing a convincing piece, which is used completely and commercially in such a way that it is clear to the potential client that they will choose Milgro. You also like to manage the entire process, monitor progress, costs, opportunities and risks.

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